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A collection of extraordinary floors, ready to bring your space to life. Extended palettes including unique laying patterns, colours and textures. And the technical support to follow wherever your imagination leads.

Signature Cadence Dune

SKU: AR0SPB44 Price Per m²
  • Product Code: AR0SPB44

    Material Effect: Stone

    Plank/Tile size: 304.8 x 304.8mm/304.8 x 457.2mm/457.2 x 457.2mm/304.8 x 609.6mm/Xtra 457.2 x 914.4mm/Xtra 228.6 x 1219.2mm/152.4 x 457.2mm

    Total Thickness: 2.5mm

    Wear Layer: 1.0mm

    Surface Treatment: Quantum Guard

    Surface Finish:  Ceramic/Riven Marble*/* On request for orders over 200m2

    Cross Grain Size: 304.8 x 457.2mm/Xtra 457.2 x 914.4mm

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